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Query the UK's official data set of state-funded schools in England using the tool below. You will be provided with a list of schools fulfilling specified criteria, as well as a range of insightful data.

Furthermore, you can adjust the sort of data being returned to see further characteristics on schools, and their performance in public examinations and inspections, with some comparison made against national results.

This page also serves as a point of entry to the records of individual schools held on this site. If you click on the name of a school in the results, you will be taken to a page containing further data including summarised pupil data, managerial information, destinations post-GCSE and A Level, and further detail on exam results, many of which are compared against local and national trends.


Use Type of Search and Filter in the Search area above to change the information displayed in the results.

Clicking on a row may bring up further information about the data set that you have selected.

Clicking on the name of a school brings up a new page with a wealth of further data about the school and its performance against local and national measures.

Please note that some data types may not return information for all schools. Also, independent schools have been removed from this data set.

Attainment in Key Stages may appear to be diminished for those schools that use qualifications that are not currently included in the national benchmark scores.

To find out the source of this information and keys to interpretation, read FAQs on Schools Data

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