UKNat - FAQs on postcode, house prices and broadband data

FAQs on postcode, house prices and broadband data

General Questions

Why are you providing this data?

Please see this page to find out the aims of this website.

Where do you get this data from?

All data is sourced from statistical tables gathered by government sources and made publicly available on open license.

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Is this data up-to-date?

We try to keep this data updated once new releases are made from the authorities that publish the data.

Information on house prices tends to be refreshed once a month. Data on broadband connectivity and council tax is updated annually. The main database of postcodes originates from the UK census which occurs every ten years, , the next due in 2021, although new postcodes are added and any unused deprecated once every three months or so.

How targeted is the data to the postcode?

The data is targeted as it can be. Demographic information and broadband connectivity is strictly by postcode. House prices information is provided by local authority, so discretion is advised in interpreting these figures.

Council tax rates are also provided by local authority, and reflect the position for a Band D property occupied by 2 adults. Council tax data for areas outside of England do not feature in the data set.

Data on broadband connectivity may be suppressed where there are a low number of connections, in order to protect the information of the individuals living in those properties.

Where does the regional and national data come from?

This data is provided by the same sources as a supplement to their lower level data sets. The intention is to provide our own research and metrics using this data over time to show key information of interest that can be pulled out from this data and would be of interest to the general public.