UKNat - FAQs on electric car charging point data

FAQs on electric car charging point data

General Questions

Why are you providing this data?

Please see this page to find out the aims of this website.

Where do you get this data from?

All data is sourced from statistical tables gathered by government sources and made publicly available on open license, the national charge point registry being the sole focus of this data set.

Is this data up-to-date?

This data is taken straight from the government source via an API, so it is as up-to-date as their records.

The official website of the national charge point registry does not give specific guidelines as to how frequently they update this information. The website suggests that the network operators and device owners are responsible for keeping the data on their charging points up to date in the registry.

Other sites that present this data allow reputable users of the charging points to update the information where it is known to be out of date, and the national registry has indicated that they will be adopting this more collaborative approach to keep the data set more freshly maintained going forwards.